Preset: Fast analytics for modern teams

We wanted to make it easy to visualize, 
explore and analyze data...
So our founder started the Apache Superset project. It’s the fastest, most comprehensive open-source analytics application today. It’s also the most popular, with over 350 contributors and 25K+ stars on GitHub—and already in use at data-dependent companies like Airbnb, Lyft and Twitter.

Apache Superset™


Easy, code-free exploration tools welcome users of all levels.


Experienced analysts can dig deeper with a state-of-the-art SQL editor


Select from a wide variety of visualizations, including advanced geospatial renderings


Connect to a wide array of databases, including deep native integrations with Apache Druid.

Pretty cool, huh?

But we have a new goal:
We want to make every team a data team.

Introducing Preset:
An enterprise-ready analytics platform where data novices can learn and data professionals will thrive.

Open-Source Apache Superset as a Service

Using an open-source technology means you are always free to move your assets elsewhere. Preset is committed to maintaining that flexibility while delivering a hassle-free SaaS experience.

Leverage your existing investments

Preset is a lightweight yet powerful layer that sits on top of your existing analytics database. Unlike other solutions that require you to load your data in yet another place, Preset lets your database do the heavy lifting.

Discoveries await throughout your organization

Powerful enough for the data professional, Preset also democratizes access to data by empowering non-data professionals to explore their data with a powerful visual interface, “seeing” insights that might have been hidden deep in the data lake.


While we’re committed to up-leveling the data literacy of all teams, we know that not all data is for all eyes. That’s why Preset ships with advanced data governance and auditing features and works with your preferred authentication method.

About Preset
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