BI for Modern Data Teams
Powerful, easy to use data exploration and visualization platform, powered by Apache Superset™.

Turn Every Team to a Data Team
Preset empowers teams of all skill sets to be data driven, unlocking valuable insights with beautiful and interactive visualizations and dashboards

Zero to dashboard in minutes
Quickly build and share beautiful, customized, and dynamic dashboards that showcase your data with just a few clicks.

Easily explore your data no matter your skillset
Easily explore with our no-code viz builder or run deeper analysis using our state-of-the-art SQL editor.

Scale data access across any data architecture
Leverage the investments you have made in your data infrastructure with a lightweight and powerful visualization layer on top. Superset is agnostic to your underlying data architecture and doesn't require an additional ingestion layer.

Visualizations for the modern data stack
Build powerful visualizations and dashboards on top of popular cloud data warehouses and leading data engines

Built by the Superset experts
Apache Superset is a powerful open source data visualization tool built out of Airbnb. Founded by the original creator of Superset, Preset delivers a complete, easy to consume, enterprise ready platform for Superset.

Preset Cloud
Fully managed cloud service for Apache Superset

Apache Superset
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