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BI Tool Powered by Apache Superset™

The easiest way to maintain Superset

There is no need to install or maintain software with Preset. Get the latest version of Superset in a secure, reliable, and scalable SaaS experience.

Up-to-date Superset, always

Access all the latest features of Superset released and thoroughly tested every two weeks.

One-click to deploy multiple workspaces

Give each team in your organization a separate Superset workspace to protect sensitive data.

Control user roles and access

Easily assign roles and fine-tune data access using RBAC and row-level security (RLS).


Beautiful dashboards that actually get used

Create charts and dashboards quickly with drag-and-drop visual queries or the SQL editor. Anyone can use Preset to explore data regardless of their SQL skill set.
No-code data exploration
Drag and drop metrics to create complex visualizations without writing any code.
World-class SQL editor
Use our collaborative SQL IDE to define dimensions, metrics, and virtual datasets in our semantic layer.
Draw from over 40 types of visualizations
Choose from robust chart types covering funnel charts, Sankey diagrams, geospatial charts, and more.
Product Highlights

Features designed to support all data users

Run fast queries and customize your analytics experiences to get answers to your questions any way you want.
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    Caching for charts & dashboards helps reduce the load on your data stack
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    The semantic layer enables last-mile SQL data transformations
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    Jinja templating and dashboard filters help you build more dynamic dashboards
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    Dashboard CSS templates customize the look and feel of your dashboards to match your product and brand
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    Row-level security prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data
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    Alerts and reports in Slack or email notify you when events in your dashboards are triggered

Create datasets from most SQL databases

Instantly connect with popular SQL databases and create physical and virtual datasets. Datasets let you have unified metric definitions, enabling a truly self-serve data exploration experience.

Security, governance, and reliability at scale

Own your data and define who has access. Preset Cloud comes with configurable role-based access and SSO support. And we are SOC 2-certified.
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