Introducing Preset Cloud
Preset Cloud is a fully hosted, hassle free cloud service for Apache Superset. Get started with Superset with just a few clicks.

Full Power of Superset as a Fully Managed Cloud Service
Get the latest and greatest features for Superset

Dynamic Dashboards

Dashboard filters and Jinja templating enables end-users to drill deeper into data


State of the art SQL IDE with a rich metadata browser for deeper analysis

Code Free Explorer

Create beautiful, complex charts from your data without having to write any code

Wide Array of Visualizations

Beautiful array of interactive visualizations including geospatial

Alerts & Reports

Set alerts and get immediate notifications when events are triggered

Semantic Layer

Support for virtual columns, virtual tables, view creation, and more

One click Superset deployment
Spin up Superset in seconds. Skip the manual patches and upgrades. We manage the latest and greatest Superset experience for you.

Enterprise security, compliance, & governance

Own your data and define who has access. Preset Cloud comes with configurable role based access, SSO, and we are SOC 2 compliant.

Code reliability & performance

Reliable, battle tested cloud service, so you don’t have to worry about downtime and performance.

Unlimited scalability

Need different environments for your teams? Deploy as many Superset workspaces as you want.

Freedom of choice
We never fork the Superset code, so you never have to worry about vendor lock-in. Easily migrate your existing Superset workloads onto Preset Cloud and vice versa.

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