Embed interactive dashboards that feel like your product

Easily integrate and embed analytics directly inside of your application, product, or service.
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Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce development costs

Reduce engineering efforts for building data apps using Preset’s plug-and-play solution. Preset’s hosted solution takes care of the backend - from enterprise governance and security to performance and reliability - at a scalable cost.
Time to Market

Launch data-driven apps faster with full customization

Use pre-installed charts and a no-code editor to quickly embed interactive analytics in your product. Fine-tune colors, fonts, annotations, and more for a seamless on-brand product experience.
Customizable Analytics

Create a better user experience with tailored analytics

Give customers access to the most relevant set of charts and metrics, so they can make informed decisions. Preset makes it easy to customize interactive dashboards for individual users, accounts, or industry verticals.
User Engagement

Increase product engagement with relevant metrics

Let your customers gain deeper insights into business and operational metrics inside your application. Preset delivers interactive analytics capabilities in your product, enabling your customers to freely explore their data.

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