Enable analytics directly in your team's internal tools

Integrate the same Preset charts and dashboards in your home-grown apps without the learning curve, and let your team explore their data without taking them out of their workflows.
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Interactive Analytics Anywhere

Create integrated workflows

Give everyone in your organization access to their data without taking them out of their daily workflows. Preset makes it possible to embed an entire dashboard or a single chart in a home-grown application with full brand and visual control.
Self-Serve Visualization

Scale chart and dashboard creation

Deliver interactive analytics that your team desires without adding workload to the data team. With Preset’s no-code viz builder and explorer, business teams can easily create custom charts and dashboards and explore everything from marketing performance metrics to product usage data.
Ease of Use

Embed your dashboards in minutes

Create dashboards for embedding in exactly the same way as any other dashboards. Using guest tokens and embedded SDK, dashboards are securely integrated in your custom app in just a few steps.
User Management & Access Control

Simplify security and user management

Tightly govern who can see data through a simple interface. Preset uses token-based (cookieless) authentication to seamlessly verify users and row-level security (RLS) to define what data each user can view and interact with.

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