Embedded Dashboards

Deliver interactive analytics to your customers with Preset embedded dashboards

Easily integrate and embed analytics directly inside of your application, product, or service
Core Features

Easily embed your Preset dashboards directly into your data application

Expansive set of visualizations to choose from

Preset comes pre-loaded with over 40+ visualization types, so you can serve your customers with tailored analytics experience

Seamlessly scale to all of your users

Quickly scale from 0 to thousands of users through automated provisioning without compromising on dashboard speed and performance

Secure access control and granular permissions with row level security

Easily provision data access permissions to all your users with row level security

Quickly deploy dashboards that match the look and feel of your application

With Preset’s Embedded SDK, you can quickly integrate your dashboard with your native data application with your color palettes and custom CSS

Preset Delivers

  • Embedded SDK
  • RLS
  • APIs/CLI
  • Elastic Scalability
  • Multi-Region Support
  • Simple Pricing

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