Preset-Certified Superset

Manage and deploy open-source Apache Superset on your infrastructure with expert guidance, release management, and technical support provided by the original creator and experts of Superset.

Why Certified Superset?

Run Apache Superset on your infrastructure with ease

Enjoy security, reliability, and ease of enterprise SaaS while running Superset on-premise.

Expert consultation & extension to your engineering team

Learn best practices and get deployment support from Preset's technical team with years of experience in managing Superset’s codebase.

Accelerated path to OSS code contribution

Preset’s PMC members will walk through the codebase, onboard your developers, and review PRs with priority.

Customized Superset deployment

We will guide through the complexities of integrating Superset into your existing data architecture.

What's Included

Managed services for on-premise Superset

Ready-to-deploy assets

Access the latest Docker files, Helm chart, release notes, and Terraform scripts, all supported by Preset.

Stable, secure, and up-to-date

Run the latest Superset build that's been validated and verified by Preset on a bi-weekly basis.

Rapid setup and integration

Fast-track your initial deployment with our guidance on integrating Superset with your data stack and custom tools.

Migration support

Ensure data and content are ready to use on Superset when migrating from your old BI.

Bug fixes and patches

We will patch vulnerabilities and resolve issues.

24/7 support

We will help you deploy, troubleshoot, and resolve user questions with SLA guarantees.

On-call technical support

Preset will be on-call for escalations and help resolve issues alongside with your team.

User onboarding and training

Get product training and onboarding tailored to all user types (e.g., admins, data teams, and business users).

Accelerated path to Superset code contribution

We will provide developer onboarding, codebase walk-throughs, SIP assistance, prioritized PR reviews, and support for building your own committers and PMC members.

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