Modern BI for dynamic teams

Preset offers a fully-managed service for Apache Superset™, a leading open-source business intelligence tool. Our platform enables teams to create custom, interactive analytics and gain insights from their data from anywhere they are.
Why Preset

Enterprise SaaS experience for open source Apache Superset™

Visualize and explore your data in a plug-and-play business intelligence app or any custom SaaS application.

Modern BI powered by Apache Superset™

A fully-hosted cloud solution for a popular open-source analytics tool, Apache Superset™. An intuitive interface allows users of any skillset to explore data, freeing data teams to focus on high-value analysis and modeling.

Enterprise-grade security & performance

Preset’s solutions come with enterprise governance, compliance, and security along with the cloud scalability, performance, and reliability of world-class SaaS.

Rich development tools

Preset’s robust API and CLI allow for dbt integration, code-based management of user access and dashboards, continuous deployment, and more.

Use Cases

Give data to anyone, anywhere

Empower every team to be data-driven with our powerful business intelligence (BI) tool, unlocking valuable insights from beautiful and interactive dashboards. Or, quickly build interactive analytics native to internal tools and customer applications, saving time and engineering overhead.
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Build customer apps
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Data Architecture

Visualizations for the modern data stack

Leverage the investments you have made in your data infrastructure with Preset’s lightweight and powerful visualization layer on top. Preset is agnostic to your underlying data architecture and does not require an additional ingestion layer.
Builder First

Trust the experts

Preset was founded by the original creator of Apache Superset™. Our team of experts contributes over 75% of all commits to the open-source software project.
Dataset-centric visualization for fast-moving data teams
Scaling Superset for builders and developers

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