Affordable, flexible BI with powerful SQL interface

Preset is a dataset-centric visualization platform with a customizable, easy-to-use GUI and SQL-based interface at a fraction of the market cost.

Key Features

Modern data visualization platform with robust features


State-of-the-art SQL IDE for preparing data for visualization

No-Code Exploration

Craft & customize beautiful charts without coding

Semantic Layer

Customize and publish metrics, columns, and virtual datasets

Caching Layer

Cache artifacts to avoid overloading your data stack

Speaks SQL Fluently

Query nearly any SQL speaking data source (40+ databases)

Rich Visualizations

Choose from a library of 40+ beautiful viz types

SQL Templating

Craft more dynamic dashboards using Jinja templates

Custom viz plugins

Build & import your own custom viz plugins

Granular Permissions

Highly configurable data access policies

Superset API

Interact with Superset artifacts using the API

preset resources illustration

Everyone gets a “Creator” license

For $20/month, you can let your entire organization create and explore their dashboards without breaking the bank.

Not sure yet? We also offer a ‘free forever plan’ for a team of up to five users.

Scale your data team’s performance with virtual datasets

Analysts no longer have to write individual queries for each chart. With pre-joined and pre-aggregated data in virtual datasets, business users can create and explore custom dashboards on their own.

Fully managed service for Apache Superset

Preset is a hosted solution for Apache Superset, a popular open-source analytics software. Thousands of companies trust Superset and Preset in their day-to-day data exploration and analysis.

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