Upgrade your team's analytics capabilities with affordable BI

No more asking data analysts to create customized dashboards each time. With Preset, everyone gets a Creator license for the Viewer pricing to run self-serve analytics.

Everyone gets a “Creator” license

For $20/month, you can create and explore interactive dashboards.

Not sure yet? We also offer a "free forever" Starter plan for a team of up to five users.

Create your customized dashboards without SQL

With Preset’s dataset-centric approach, you don’t need to ask your data team to write custom SQL and create your new dashboards each time. Think of datasets as all relevant data pre-filtered and pre-joined to let you easily create charts and tables from a drag-and-drop interface.

Build visualizations for spreadsheets

Are you manually updating slides and reports using Google Sheets and CSV data? With Preset, your charts and dashboards are updated automatically as you update and expand your datasets.

Key Features

  • 40+ pre-installed visualizations

  • Drag-and-drop chart and dashboard creation.

  • Dashboards filters and drilling

  • Slack or email alerts & reports

  • Create your datasets from Google Sheets, CSV, and any connected databases from interface.

  • Role-Based Access Control and Row Level Security

Fully managed service for Apache Superset

Preset is a hosted solution for Apache Superset, a popular open-source analytics software. Thousands of companies trust Superset and Preset in their day-to-day data exploration and analysis.

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