Democratize data, reduce Tableau costs

Don’t let expensive license costs or complex Tableau extracts get in the way. Extend self-serve analytics securely with no vendor lock-in.

Preset Benefits

Modern business intelligence software designed for data democratization

Easy dashboard creation and exploration

Preset’s dataset-centric approach enables users to create dashboards using drag-and-drop, freeing up data team’s time from building yet another customized dashboards.

Most cost-effective pricing model

Built on open-source Apache Superset, we offer affordable user licenses with no platform fees nor usage-based fees.

No vendor lock-in

You can easily migrate your charts and dashboards to open-source Superset.

Approachable for SQL users

Data teams can create virtual datasets by using SQL, expanding self-serve data exploration to more complex data.

Secure data access and user management

We’ve built an additional security and user management layer offering RBAC, SSO, SCIM integration, and SSH tunneling . We’re SOC-2 compliant.

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Pricing Model

Save 60% on your BI contract

*The exact value of cost reduction varies by contract.

Affordable licenses

Admin/Creator licenses cost $30/month/user, and View Only licenses cost $10/month/user. We also offer volume discounts and price ceilings on licenses.

Simple pricing

There are no platform fees, usage-based fees, server fees, or any other upfront costs with Preset.

Migration support

We offer initial dashboard migration support for free. We can refer you to our third-party partner for full migration support.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • We offer migration best practices and partner with system integrators to ensure a seamless migration experience.
  • We totally understand! Many of our customers use Preset to give dashboard creation, exploration, and analytical capabilities to more teammates while keeping Tableau licenses for a subset of users.
  • Preset’s pricing is based on user licenses. There are no platform fees, server costs, or training costs. Premium support and data & dashboard migration support are available as add-ons. We also offer volume discounts and unlimited licensing.
  • Datasets are tables from your databases containing just the relevant columns and metrics for analysis. Creating datasets is easy and helps you create dashboards faster. Datasets are also saved in the cloud, enabling end users to create their own charts and dashboards from them, reducing the burden on the data team.

Fully managed service for Apache Superset

Preset is a hosted solution for Apache Superset, a popular open-source analytics software. Thousands of companies trust Superset and Preset in their day-to-day data exploration and analysis.


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Learn how Preset can help with your BI strategy

Preset Cloud gives you access to:

- 40+ pre-installed visualizations

- Interactive dashboards with drilling and filtering

- Drag-and-drop chart builder

- SQL editor

- Dataset creation interface

- Multiple workspaces

- Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Row Level Security (RLS)

- Single sign-on (SSO) and SCIM integration

- Alerts and reports

- API access

- dbt integration

- Managed private cloud deployment

- SOC-2 compliant solution

- Enterprise customer support and SLAs

- Unlimited licensing available