What's New in Preset - Winter 2022/2023

Satoko Nakayama

We're thrilled to announce the latest product features and enhancements from our recent releases. Check out our quarterly recap or head to Preset's changelog for a comprehensive list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes from our bi-weekly releases.

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  • Establish a secure connection between your databases and Preset using SSH Tunneling1: You can now connect your databases to Preset securely via SSH tunnels using API or SQL Alchemy forms. SSH tunneling enhances security by routing data traffic through an encrypted SSH connection, offering an alternative to native data encryption.

SSH Tunneling

New Features

Self-Serve Analytics

Drill to Detail

  • Create datasets and visualizations more quickly with UI/workflow enhancements: We’ve built additional logic to the navigation to make creating and locating datasets, charts, and dashboards faster and more intuitive. For example, after connecting a database, you can now immediately see the option to create a dataset in the "+" menu in the navigation bar.

Themability and Customization

  • Personalize your dashboard layout with the horizontal filter bar: You now have the option to arrange the dashboard filters above the visualizations. If you're embedding Preset dashboards into a custom application, the horizontal filter bar enhances the usability and readability of your tables and charts.

Horizontal filter bar

Database Connection

  • Connect to Databricks with no code: It is now possible to connect your Preset workspace to Databricks by simply supplying the necessary credentials, making it easier to connect the database.

Databricks connection via form

  • Easily upload CSV files with an improved form: The process of uploading CSV files has been made simpler with a more organized and user-friendly form, including the added convenience of an expandable/collapsible grouping feature. Start uploading your CSV files now and collaborate with your team on data exploration!

CSV form

User Experience and Workflow Improvements

  • Experience Preset's premium features without a credit card: All new users are granted access to the premium features in the Preset Professional plan for 14 days. These premium features are marked with a "sparkle" icon, making it easier to recognize them during the trial period. Upon completion of the 14-day trial, users can either choose to continue with the Professional plan by providing payment information or opt for the Starter plan with "free forever" access.

Reverse trial

Other Enhancements

Visit and bookmark Preset’s changelog to keep track of all enhancements and fixes. Below are just a few!

  • (API) Permission API allows INVITEE to be added as a grantee for a Data Access Role (DAR) permission2*.
  • (Database) You can now import Snowflake’s encrypted_extra field for authentication.
  • (Dashboard, SQL Lab) You can now ‘select all’ items in the dashboard filter dropdown menus.
  • (Various) We clarified error messages to make debugging easier (e.g., BigQuery error messages related to the service account’s roles and permissions).

Excited to try out these features? Head over to your Preset workspace now and get started!

1 Available on the Preset Enterprise plan only.

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