Max Speaks with Former Airbnb Data Leaders on Building Data Organizations

Srini Kadamati

Both Apache Superset and Apache Airflow were originally created within Airbnb. Airbnb has helped create lots of modern open source data tools, some of which have spawned companies of their own.

Max recently spoke with Chetan Sharma (early data scientist at Airbnb), Lindsay Pettingil (former Tech Lead at Airbnb), and James Mayfield (former Director of PM of Infrastructure at Airbnb) on the Decoding Data Leadership podcast, hosted by Acryl Data. They spoke with Swaroop Jagadish from Acryl Data on a number of topics related to the challenges of building large data organizations and cultures.

In this episode, they discussed:

  • approaches to data democratization
  • how to manage and rollout open source projects
  • advice for building your own data culture
  • building political capital internally for data
  • where is data management headed?

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