Announcing Preset Managed Private Cloud for AWS

Alan Hsia

Preset is excited to announce the launch of Preset’s Managed Private Cloud (MPC), giving users the ability to now deploy Preset workspaces inside their own AWS private cloud as a fully managed solution!

This is ideal if:

  1. You are looking for a modern cloud based BI solution but your organization requires you to keep all your data including datasets, saved queries, and results cache inside of your network and private cloud
  2. You are currently running Apache Superset inside of your own AWS private cloud and would like to move to a fully managed solution

Advantages of running Preset MPC

With Preset MPC, Preset takes on the overhead of deploying, configuring, managing, upgrading, and scaling Superset while securely running inside of your own AWS account.

CategoryActivitySelf-Managed SupersetPreset Managed Private Cloud
Core ResourcesConfigurationCustomerPreset
Analytics Database(s)CustomerCustomer
Compute and resizing for loadCustomerPreset
Identity, User Management For Data VizCustomerPreset
DeploySpin up ResourcesCustomerPreset
Install and Manage patches/driversCustomerPreset
MonitorScaling for LoadCustomerPreset
Content permission/ Roles and AccessCustomerPreset
Access and audit logsCustomerPreset
Backups and Uptime for Preset Metadata DBCustomerPreset
Performance SLAsCustomerPreset
Disaster Recovery ( same SLAs as Preset)CustomerCustomer (co-managed)
AnalysisResponse cache for payloadCustomerCustomer
Data Warehouse managementCustomerCustomer
Dashboard and insights DataCustomerCustomer
Troubleshooting and supportCustomerPreset (co-managed)

What is included?

Preset MPC has two primary components: the Preset Control Plane and the Customer Workspace.

The Preset Control Plane is responsible for deploying, configuring, and managing Users and Customer workspaces, and resides inside of Preset’s AWS account.

A Customer Workspace is a fully deployed instance of Preset, and is deployed and hosted within a customers’ AWS account. The Customer Workspace can then connect to any customer database/data warehouse, whether its on premise or in another cloud, and the connection will stay within the customers private network

Preset is SOC2 Type 2 and PCI-DSS compliant. All communication between your cloud and Preset is over TLS and is fully encrypted. We also leverage a 3rd party observability platform to monitor logs emitted by customer-owned workspaces to ensure the same availability and SLA as our Preset SaaS.

Setup and Management

We will work with your Infrastructure team to create a separate VPC instance inside your AWS account and a user (via a Cloudformation template). Once the user exists, we terraform the cluster with all the required resources like VPCs, IAM roles, RDS instances, etc. These resources will be created once, and then will be used by Preset deployments throughout their lifecycle.

From there, we will have running and functioning workspaces for you to use and to configure the users, teams, and their access permissions and roles.

If you are already using Preset Cloud and want to migrate, we offer seamless migration of your existing data with little downtime.

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