Superset 0.38, CRUD Redesign, ECharts Improvements, and more.

Robert Stolz and Srini Kadamati

The Superset community recently released Superset 0.38, and it's packed with improvements! We'll highlight some of the key changes in this blog post.

Following on the heels of the Superset project's recent graduation from the ASF incubator track, the maturity of the feature set in Superset, and discussions in the contributor mailing list, Superset 0.38 will likely be the last release before the big 1.0 release.

Superset 1.0 will be a significant milestone marking the beginning of a new era in the development of Superset! We can expect higher quality releases in the future with fewer bugs, continued emphasis on the security important for enterprise users, and a steady flow of new, powerful features.

With an eye towards 1.0, let's dive in and see what's new in Superset 0.38.

Massive Redesign of CRUD Screens

CRUD stands for Create, Read, Update, and Delete. CRUD UI's are everywhere in Superset, from specifying new database connections to editing the metadata of an existing virtual dataset. The CRUD screens in Superset have been overhauled to make these common actions significantly more intuitive.

You'll notice that some of these experiences have been converted to modal windows, to improve workflow speed.

Adding a Database

Adding a new database is now accomplished with this simpler, more modular modal window.


See all screenshots in the PR

Deleting a Database

Deleting a database just got safer! When attempting to delete a database, you're given more context on the number of charts powered by this data and you're asked to type in a phrase to confirm the deletion.

Deleting Database

Editing a Dataset

When editing a dataset, you're now presented with the updated design.

Editing Dataset

Saved Query List

Do you enjoy saving queries in Superset for reference? Saved queries now have their own tab and list actions.

Saved Query

Certifying Tables & Queries

Have you ever wondered if a data source or a metric in Superset is reliable? Starting in 0.38, both metrics and tables can be marked as being certified by a team member, admin, or whoever your resident data expert is.

For example, metrics can be certified in the Update view:

Metric Certification

Your team can see which metrics are certified (and by whom) in the Read view:

Metric Certification

You can read how to configure this in the PR.


ECharts Pie Chart

The migration to ECharts continues! Superset 0.38 includes the new migrated ECharts pie chart, which represents a big leap in functionality and aesthetics.

Pie Chart

ECharts Timeseries Chart

We'd also like to introduce the new ECharts Timeseries chart). Time series data stores and charts are close to the community's heart, as Superset was originally created to specifically visualize data from Druid.

Echarts Timeseries Chart

Superset now adds experimental support for timeseries forecasting, using the Facebook Prophet library.

Sunburst Chart Improvements

You now have more color options when creating sunburst charts.

Other Improvements

Full Screen Dashboards

Throw away your static slides and present Superset dashboards instead, with the new Full Screen mode.

Full Screen Mode

Download Charts

Created a beautiful chart that you want to now make your desktop wallpaper? You can now download a chart you created in Explore as an image!

Download Chart

Updated Email Format for Alerts

Email alerts in Superset now contain more information on the relevant SQL statement, along with a link!


Superset will reduce the number of queries made to Presto in certain cases, will return more specific error messages, and will also now correctly expand row data. Presto is also now part of the test suite in the Superset development process!

More Information

This blog post really just scratched the surface of this massive release. In addition to other features, included in this release are also a mammoth list of bug fixes.

Here are some helpful links to get more context on the bugs fixed in or how to update to this release:

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