Unlock Value From Your Data Lake with Dremio and Superset

Eugenia Moreno

Companies are constantly looking for quicker and better solutions to get value out of their data lakes. Oftentimes with many petabytes of data collected, there is undoubtedly a need for a modern toolset to process, query, visualize, and make those data valuable.

At Preset we’re committed to open source, and appreciate that our friends at Dremio maintain a DBAPI-compatible Python database driver and a SQLAlchemy dialect that enables Superset to connect. Better yet, they blogged about connecting the two, so you can follow along to set up the Dremio-Superset combination for your own data lake.

Check it out: Unlocking Advanced Data Analytics on The Data Lake Using Apache Superset and Dremio.

If you prefer to skip all the steps of installing and managing Superset, sign up for a hosted Superset solution provided by Preset (in alpha), connect it with Dremio, and start getting value out of your data right away.

Happy dashboarding with Superset and Dremio!

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