Superset Training

Helping to build a data-fluent workforce

We believe that with the right toolset, all knowledge workers should and can become sophisticated data analysts. Superset training will help you get there.


Superset for beginners


  • Understanding of basic architecture and how to create basic charts
  • Building Dashboards, Filters
  • From SQL Statement to Chart
  • From Chart to SQL Statement
  • Navigate to screens and common language/concepts in Superset.


  • Be able to build own charts and dashboards.

Who should attend:

  • Users that never used Superset
  • Users have basic Superset knowledge but would like to understand in more detail


Superset for advanced users


  • Data Munging with Calculated Columns and Metrics
  • Deep Dive advanced charts
  • Advance Analytics - Annotations
  • Dashboards customizations, filters customizations
  • Advance SQL Lab - Jinja Templating


  • Feel comfortable using all of Superset's features.

Who should attend:

  • Users that have experience with Superset and want to take it to next level with customized charts and dashboards.

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